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Alan and the Celestial Monsters

In the year 2040, there was a boy named Alan Johnson born in Miami, Florida. When Alan was 5 years old, he pretended to be a hero which is what he always dreamed to be. When he turned 10 years old, his mom gave him a locket and said, “Don’t open it”. She came close to him and whispered, “you are the one” and walked away. Alan was tempted to open the locket, but he remembered his mother’s words. He always had it on, he wore it to school, to play with his friends, and the only time he took it off was to take a shower and sleep.

By the time he was 18 years old, he was at college, and one day he opened the locket. When Alan opened the locket, it set out a wave of celestial energy, then that energy went inside his body. A couple of days later, a strange wizard-looking man showed up at Alan’s door. The strange man opened the door and shouted, “You just doomed this world.” Alan replied, “What do you mean I doomed this world?”. The man calmed down and explained to Adam that when he opened the locket, the energy wave it emitted awakened the celestial monsters, and gave him powers. By that time, Alan’s arrived and said the same thing the man said. Alan’s mother said, “the locket contained an orb that when opened, the host of the orb, that being you, gained powers like superhuman speed, and strength, but at the same time the orb emitted a wave of energy to space awakening the celestial monsters. Those monsters have only one job and that is to kill the person that opened the locket”. The man exclaimed, “Nobody has defeated those monsters, but you Alan, you are the one that will destroy the monsters”.

A couple of minutes later, on the news, it said that monsters attacked the city in which Alan was. Alan saw it and with his super-speed, ran to the monsters to destroy them. When he arrived there, the monsters sensed his appearance and immediately ran towards him. Alan was scared because he had never been in a fight. Still, he faced bravely at the monsters and fought them. The man and Alan’s mom arrived there to help evacuate the people, so nobody would get injured. The monsters surrounded Alan and the same energy that was emitted to awaken them. Alan sent out another wave destroying the monsters. He walked to his mother all bruised up from the fight and the mom cheered him up.

All of the sudden, a celestial being appeared in front of Alan and told him “I must take your powers because every 1 million years the monsters get reincarnated, and I need somebody from the future to stop them unless you want immortality. Alan looked at his mom and all that she did was nod. Alan’s decision was to stay normal. Alan said, “this was a crazy event in my life, but I want to stay normal so you can take the powers”. The celestial being did not say anything and took away the powers and disappeared.

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