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“PoeStories in Horror 10”

Honor, not Horror -as in the honor code that your character represents…

Students from the English class were able to successfully deliver their task at hand. The Dark Romantics from Class of 2026 embarked on a gothic journey into the abyss that Edgar Allan Poe had prepared for us. Horror, superstition, delusion, illusion, or the imaginary pursuit of redemption were experienced through creativity and communication skills. Since the main objective is literature appreciation, students presented their oral reports on several stories written by Poe during the 1800s.

Baraga, these are stories, not poems (unless we separate “The Raven” included in the test and “Annabel Lee” dramatically read by Lugo in class). Gaztambide and Torres destroyed the wall to find “The Black Cat”; Medina and Sosa took us to Libya in “Silence – A Fable”; the Mauricios (Abudo and Nieves) made us feel unreliable with Montresor’s narrative in “The Cask of Amontillado”; Smythe and Velasco believed in love after love with “Eleonora.”

Villafuerte and Lugo embraced the darkness of a guilt trip through “The Imp of the Perverse”; Viejo snatched the paper to reveal “The Oval Portrait,” narrated by Baraga, who memorized the monologue. Who dares to dramatize in front of the class? -Brave Souls- Ramos, Gómez, and González portrayed “Berenice’s” ending with tremors, teeth, and surgical instruments; Fournier and López closed with horrors during the Inquisition. By the way, “The Pit and the Pendulum” is coming in the final test. (Don’t worry Gaztambide; there will be a bonus.)

Reading is always the best preparation. You can read summaries and reviews to complement, nevertheless, the best compliment to an author is to read the original piece. Therefore, fasten your seatbelts, take notes, and become aware of the plot twist. This is an Honor course, and you are the Main Characters -who deserve much Love and Appreciation.

Thank you for performing with dignity.

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