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The Elite: Reviews and Suggestions- Percy Jackson and the Olympians

With either an attraction to the mysticism and magic in the movies or the thrill of something new from a topic of a long time ago. Percy Jackson brings to the table a new adventure, a new story to every lover of the Greek Gods.

This entire series is supposed to take place in the middle of a celestial dilemma between the god Zeus and the god Poseidon. These two have had a conflict over a stolen something from the king of the gods. This stolen item is the most powerful weapon that the gods possess, the master lightning bolt. Hades, a nuisance to his brothers, is known to have stolen the bolt. To bring peace and avoid conflict between the gods, Percy is entrusted with retrieving the master bolt.

There are two problems in the so-called "Hero's quest." One, Zeus would go on a rampage if he knew that Poseidon broke the pact of the brothers. The pact that avoided bringing powerful mortals into existence, the pact that made it so that the three brother gods couldn't have children. Percy needs to end this in secret and swiftly. Two, Percy's mother is said to be held captive in the underworld. Thus, Percy is destined to, if the tides run against him, decide between saving his mother or the bolt.

I haven't seen the entire series, but these are the problems that Percy will have to face when the day comes. Apart from having an entirely new cast, this series presents something entirely new and, in my opinion, better than the movies. What's better, to watch an entire story in an hour and a half or be able to continually have the thrill of watching one of your favorite characters on screen? The entire series has incredible graphics, special effects, characters, and a good story. This will be a series that will go down in history. To me, ONE OF THE ELITES!

Daniel Arroyo is here to bring the Elite Shows and movies to the public’s eyes.

See you next week!

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