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The Elite: Reviews and Suggestions- The Marvels

The Marvels is a movie directed by Nia DaCosta in Marvel Studios.  Since its release, this movie has had its up and down reviews, as well as only being able to reach a 6.1-star rating on IMDb as its top score. I'm not going to lie and just go according to IMDb’s opinion, so I’m going to inform my public from an avid viewer’s perspective. These ratings have caused suspicion in terms of bias. Marvel has been lacking in the past movies with many things, thus it is normal for people to want a big change, but you can't expect an “Infinity War” movie out of every single one. That said, I enjoyed the movie and as a Marvel fan, I have to say that this movie is incredible. This movie displays an incredible plot and provides the quality of acting and effects that are needed to make a Marvel movie great.


Not only does it provide an incredible plot, but it reveals so many concepts about magic that we didn’t know about. For all of you who don’t know, there are three main characters: Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Carol Danvers. Kamala is a mutant, Carol Danvers got her powers from an engine, and Monica Rambeau got her powers from a magical witch barrier that defied reality(hex). As S.W.O.R.D investigated, all these have an ability related to light. One can see and manipulate, one can solidify, and one can shoot out light’s energy.


The theme of this movie is to beat “Dar-Benn,” the leader of the Kree. Her only purpose is to restore Hala (Base of the Kree) and make peace with the “evildoers.” These Kree have an insane grudge against the Carol (The Annihilator) and the Skrulls. Thus, the Kree go all out against these and start destroying planets in their entirety to restore Hala. It is these girls' job to stop the Kree from breaking the universe by ripping waypoints with force and destroying other civilizations’ planets.


In the end, the Kree tried to rob a sun; as a result, the waypoint broke and made a unison with another space-time continuum. To close the waypoint and heal the incursion, our heroes needed to shoot and close the hole in space with the same amount of energy that opened it. Our Captain Rambeau absorbed the energy and went to close it, only to know that she would have to stay stuck in the other world. As a part of her sacrifice, she got stranded in a universe we have seen before, the same universe where the Illuminati were placed. Now we will need help, “magical” help, to bring back our hero to safety.


As for being an unusual movie, as you would expect from Marvel, what amazed me was the connection between all the elements of the movie and how they interacted with the plot of the story. A “myth” held the future of the empire and our heroes needed to defend themselves from its misuse. The way each setting has to do with the Kree destroying a planet, and how each one further develops the reason behind the empire’s motive is exactly what makes it so interesting. Rambeau’s obsession with making things right, Carol’s fear, and Kamala's attitude connect the issue. It is precisely their connection that got them to win the battle against the empire.


            I just think we expected the impossible out of this movie. It is an incredible movie, with a great plot and special effects. The movie further develops many mysterious concepts that have been revealed in the past: magic, light, universes, artifacts, etc... To me, the “hate” can only be described as a form of revenge from the public. We wait and wait a long time, just to have mediocre movies. When we get a good movie, we just end up comparing it to the greatest of all time: Infinity War, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings. In my honest opinion, the movie further develops the story of magic in the MCU as well as brings an understanding of the Kree, Skrulls, and alternate universes. The connection of scenes is well made, the representation of magic is well made, and the battle scenes must be one of the best in the entire franchise. Don’t just take my word for it or the internet’s, go watch it NOW on Disney +. Want magic, pizzazz, or an EVOLUTION of character? This is the best movie for YOU.

Magic, story, fights, the MCU has it ALL!!

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