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AP LIT & 1984

AP LIT & 1984- Kamil Berríos

Majestic George Orwell goes political in his classic dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Even though the book was originally published in 1949, he immortalized pertinence and accuracy nowadays. Students from the AP Literature course were brave enough to share their genuine views. Some of them aspired to ownership of their writing; others preferred anonymity.

Caleb Falú

Israel and Palestine... Gaza and its civilians. Murders all throughout the region, racism, ethnic profiling, and racial separation. All motivated by what? By culture. Black vs White, Jew vs Muslims, America vs Russia. Everything on the name of Good vs Evil, but the situation in Ukraine and in Gaza just shows that at the end of the day, it's Evil vs Evil. Why must children die? Why must old folks die? Why must people die? For culture, for beliefs... At the end of the day, it's just a blatant lie that gets innocent people killed.

We can find personality and identity in culture, but not all do. Like the Palestinians, some find racism, death, and even more -for the protection of their culture and what they believe in. Hospitals with children on fire, communities, cities; attacks justified in the protection of "good." Is there really Good vs Evil in this world or just Evil vs Evil?

Gustavo San Miguel

In the realm where shadows linger long,

A dystopia sings its haunting song.

North Korea, a land confined,

Where whispered dreams are undermined.

Beneath the watch of watchful eyes,

Citizens move in scripted ties.

A landscape draped in hues of gray,

Where liberty becomes the price to pay.

Pyongyang, a city veiled,

In tales of loyalty, truth assailed.

The concrete jungle echoes fear,

Yet in the silence, whispers near.

The Great Leader's portrait high,

Casts a stern and unrelenting eye.

A puppetry of power unfolds,

As propaganda's tale is told.

José Canto

The present has become what some people not that long ago would call a dystopian society. If you could show someone from the 50s what life is like today, they wouldn’t believe it: People spend 16hrs a day on their phone, being brainwashed; people fight each other over trivial matters that have been created to distract them and divide them. Day by day, more people become mindless drones. It is truly a dystopian present.

Gustavo Hernández

Is it better to have no laws,

Or to be oppressed in the mind?

It’s like to have paws

Or feet unaware of time.

One might be controlled in the mind,

But if it is unconscious,

Does one really mind?

If we are happy in our own world,

Why change how we say our words?

Miguel Marina

Be free and have an OWNLIFE?

But you will never be alone,

Always accompanied with the telescreen.

Some place where you could DOUBLETHINK,

But how could that be?

Embrace the BLACKWHITE and troubles will shrink.

DAYORDER it must be.

Forget the OLDTHINK.

Forget the OLDSPEAK.

Thus, it is UNGOOD.

Be careful what you wish for,

For you may be VAPOURIZED or worse:


Javier Jiménez

A world where many think it’s a utopia,

A world people ignore reality,

Is it really Utopia?

Is ignoring the millions starving a Utopia,

Is class superiority a Utopia,

Is the killing of millions a Utopia?

This is not a Utopia.

It is closer to Dystopia.

Do we accept this reality?

Or save others from the clutches of mortality?

Carlos Marqués

If similarity is what makes everything bleak,

Then we should strive to continue the streak.

Intrusive thoughts can disrupt order and peace.

Do your best to comply, and be nice.

Encourage safety.

Reject individuality.

Ezequiel Ramírez

“Work to Work to Work”

Eventually all walls meet demolition

So Wall Street had to keep the tradition.

Financial systems brought to ignition,

And out of the ashes we have arisen.

An empire forged in the wire of ambition,

In business, there isn’t the time for attrition.

Invest to suppress and ingest competition,

Then each acquisition is new ammunition.

Political systems are too inefficient.

They split like the atom and burn in the fission.

Now every department and every decision

Defer to the herds of our corporate divisions.

Now, holding our gold isn’t par for the brand.

Our silver is sat in the palm of your hand.

Quit whining and sign your line in the sand.

The supply does not get to make the demands.

Cut out the middleman; repeat after me:

“We work”

“To earn the right to work”

“To earn the right to work”

“To earn the right to work”

“To earn the right to work”

“To earn the right to give”

“Ourselves the right to buy”

“Ourselves the right to live”

“To earn the right to die”

Pablo De Jesús

“Dishonestly Utopic”

Like Animal Farm, like The Giver, like FEAR

Twenty twenty-three, but nineteen eighty-four is the year,

Filled with sadness without shedding a tear;

Happiness, but no smile seen here

Dehumanized, where in the world are the emotions.

Green light red light green light red light.

Freeze, Newton’s first law of motion.

Life is like Squid Games

In the least metaphorically way ever.

Numbers not names,

When will we leave the matrix? Never.

Mariano Lavergne

1984s tale echoes in the wind.

Consider Orwell a prophet.

His brain and pen strike again.

Fictional world, where freedom is a crime,

The truth gets twisted into lies.

Can’t talk too loud; your iPhone is near.

iPhone or Big Brother?

I can’t tell much of a difference;

I get ads of what I talk about.

The thing we see form the way I think.

They control what we see.

They control us,

Sounds like a dystopia to me.


constantly enveloped in an unobserved overdose

one which indirectly kills, one that kills all, one that kills time itself, one that kills gods

red pill, blue pill, all stuck in the matrix

only two options

be in the illusion of control or be controlled

“but I will be different” said millions upon millions

“but I will break out” said every single one

“but I’m not as bad as the others” said those the deepest in

“I’ve finally broken out” said no one at all

the silent overdose, this robber of time

this time is given away for nobody

this time of given for nothing

all are addicted

to the greatest drug of all

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Una de las mejores novelas del siglo XX y que todos pensábamos que se hablaba de un futuro ficticio... qué mucho se parece 1984 al 2023. Muy buen trabajo.

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