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Focus Shifts to Stimulus as Democrats Win Big in Georgia

As Joseph R. Biden, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff were sworn into the positions of President and Senator respectively, focus shifted to the most important promise made by the Democratic Party during the election: the stimulus package.

Millions of Americans have been facing issues relating to basic necessities, with rent and food being the most highlighted. Now, there had been a stimulus bill passed in early 2020, but the $1,200 provided was just not enough to meet those basic needs. As the economy was “booming”, Americans kept suffering and the government practically turned a blind eye to the problems. After constant begging from those in need, Congress decided to pass a new stimulus package, giving $600 for each adult. Needless to say, this was a laughable amount, and the responses to the criticisms over the amounts showed extreme hypocrisy from both the Republican and Democratic parties. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even said that the $600 was a totally normal amount, clearly not understanding how that amount does not cover even one month of rent for most Americans.

It was only after former President Donald J. Trump started to push for $2,000 that both parties started to show interest. Of course, this interest was merely artificial and used to tally votes. In the recent Georgia senate runoffs, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, candidates who heavily opposed the stimulus, started to favor it just because the former President had pushed for the approval of the new amount. Many Georgians saw through this facade and the Republican incumbents lost the race to their Democrat opponents, who vehemently ran on the promise of those $2,000 checks. With Democrats’ success in obtaining the Senate majority, many were waiting to hear of the new stimulus bill.

During the next few days, news arrived that the new bill would give $1,400, much less than the $2,000 initially promised. Many, including prominent politicians like Bernie Sanders, called on Democrat’s hypocrisy and inability to hold their promises, to which they responded by saying that it would serve as a complement to the previously passed $600 per person stimulus. Of course, anyone with two functioning eyes can see that this is the Democrats not

fulfilling their promises of $2,000 checks. Now, many Americans are feeling betrayed, as this stimulus is extremely important for their survival during these trying times. Democrats must sort through their personal beliefs and use their acquired power to help people in this pandemic, or else they will lose their power the same way they have before for not having effectively utilized it.

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