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Puerto Rican Roadblocks in Online Learning

Actualizado: 3 feb 2021

As we approach October, many students are starting to become accustomed to the online class dynamic. The initial confusion from March has begun to wane, but one thing has stayed consistent throughout all of this: power outages. When you live on an island like Puerto Rico though, this issue has practically become normal, as shown when hurricane Maria hit in September 2017, greatly damaging our weak and impractical electrical system. Many promises to fix this have been made, however, but with no noticeable change. This recurring issue has become a lingering fear for many students, with the possibility of the power going out during an exam or evaluation becoming a legitimate worry. Students are not the only ones affected though. Teachers also suffer because of this, as they require the essential resources like electricity and internet to give classes, correct works, and in general have a smooth experience. Hurricane season is already in play, and it is clear that the government is not prepared to face another natural disaster. The AEE is practically a mess and has become a burden to the people of Puerto Rico. For now, we only hope for President Trump’s new plan to give our island 13 billion dollars to fix our electrical grid, even if this is an obvious attempt to gain Puerto Rican votes from those who live in Florida. We can only wish that the government manages this money well, and does not do anything suspicious and possibly corrupt with it.

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