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The Elite: Hacksaw Ridge

A movie about a soldier that is faithful and determined to save the lives of his comrades amid a destructive and merciless war. This war movie, directed by Mel Gibson in 2016 has tested faith and human mentality. Asking questions of whether you are willing to risk your life for others or are you willing to leave your faith to be part of the "green army men." Andrew Garfield played the main character. Troubled by whether he should carry his gun to battle; he is bullied and harassed for seeming "weak" in the middle of a war. But one problem after another, and even after being in jail, he remained true to himself. Trusting in God and trusting that God had a greater purpose for him other than to carry a gun to the field of senseless violence.

The modern world and its secular thinking are what is at question here. A normal person is questioned on their beliefs for the refusal to hold the maximum weapon of violence, a gun. Strife is constant for people that want to help others, for it is always easier to do evil to win, than for good to even contest. And it is because the real world operated that way that bullying, harassment, assault, injustice, and blood were served to him on a silver platter.

It was incredible to see his endurance when facing these adversities. He even had to face a martial court for his defiance of holding a gun. But in the end, they understood that he just wanted to help passively, with the same "risk their life" characteristic that all his other comrades had. Thus, he was given the ability to go into battle, without a gun, without defense, only with a purpose to resolve the injustice of war, and to save all those he can from imminent massacre.

But he faced God in the war. Most would be crippled in regret and in self-doubt of their abilities, uncalm when facing their “momento mori;” Not him. In the face of death, he stayed true and calm and saved "too many" of his comrades. Though his hands hurt, he couldn't walk, he couldn't hear, and his muscles couldn't carry them, he kept going. And at the end, he was the one to save all the comrades that committed terrible things against him and treated him horribly.

It is to stay true to oneself and your values what makes a man what he is. And it is our perseverance in the act of saving instead of "beating" the enemy that will solve all wars. So, to say we are pacifists and seekers of peace, we must always look for the best way to save each other.

The denial of the gun is the first step toward understanding, and to seek internal love and turn it into action for others is the first step toward communal peace.

This is the last article of the Elite: Reviews and Suggestions

Author: Daniel Arroyo

Till next year!!!!

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