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Ale's Book Review: Haddix: Among the Hidden

Actualizado: 26 feb 2021

Haddix: Among the Hidden has one of the most interesting and surprising endings I have ever read. This book is about a boy named Luke, who is not supposed to exist. Because of overpopulation, the government passed a law prohibiting families from having more than two children. To make sure this law was followed, the government created the Population Police, whose main goal was to find families who had broken the law and had a third child. This law forced Luke, a third child, to live his life in hiding and constant fear. But everything changed when he met Jen, a third child who had just moved to the house next door.

Jen came from a wealthy family who worked in the government. This allowed her to live a more normal life, as opposed to Luke, who had to stay at his house and hide at all times. Jen would tell Luke about the things she could do, that many third children never had the chance to do, like going shopping, chatting with other third children, or even meeting and playing with them. Luke, who was also never allowed near a computer, was surprised with all the things Jen did. He was also surprised by the way she acted and carried herself around. Jen helped Luke understand how unfair this situation was and encouraged him to find his voice and use it. She was brave and was willing to sacrifice her life if it meant that the Population Law would be abolished and that children in the future would be able to fully live their lives, and not have to worry about hiding just because they are a third child. Jane’s actions and ultimate sacrifices. She encouraged Luke to seek a normal life and help other third children do the same.

Margaret Peterson’s storytelling in this book was incredible, keeping me engaged at all times. I really enjoyed its dramatic ending. Haddix: Among the Hidden shows us that despite the dangers of fighting for a better future, it is well worth it, because it gives us something that as humans we must never loose, hope.

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