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All League Winners in Soccer 2020-21

Actualizado: 16 sept 2021

Throughout the whole season, there were winners in the leagues such as the Bundesliga or the Premier League. I’m going to tell you all the league winners including the Champions League and the Europa League.

Starting with the Bundesliga, it was won by Bayern FC with 78 points, in second it was RB Leipzig with 65 points, and in third it was Borussia Dortmund with 64 points. As you saw, Bayern won with a big margin.

In the Serie A, the title was won by Inter with 91 points, in the second place it was AC Milan with 79 points, in third place, it was Atalanta with 78 points and so was Juventus which also finished with 78 points, but they lost by goal differential.

Now to the Ligue 1 which was won by Lille OSC with 83 points, in second place, it was PSG with 82 points, and in third, it was AS Monaco with 78 points.

For La Liga, it was won by Atletico Madrid with 86 points, Real Madrid came in second with 84 points, and in third, it was FC Barcelona who had 79 points.

In the Premier League, it was won by Manchester City with 86 points, Manchester United came in second with 74 points, and Liverpool in third with 69 points.

And now for the Champions League which was won by Chelsea FC, in second place, it was Manchester City who lost to Chelsea in a dramatic 1-0 loss.

In the Europa League, it was won by Villareal FC with Manchester United in the Europa League final which had gone down to a penalty shootout. It went down to the goalkeepers and the Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea missed his penalty crowning Villareal Europa League winners.

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