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Chelsea Football Club Owner Poisoned While Assisting in Peace Negotiations in Ukraine

The Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch (billionaire) has been confirmed to be assisting with peace negotiations on Ukraine’s behalf. Abramovich was contacted around a month ago by Ukraine to help come to a peaceful resolution according to his spokesman. Abramovich’s main job has been relaying information from president Volodymyr Zelensky to president Vladimir Putin and finding a peaceful resolution between the two factions. A few days ago, Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Abramovich was involved in the early stages of negotiations, however, the negotiations have now been handed over to the official teams of each respective nation. “Although Roman Abramovich's influence is limited, he is the only one who responded and taken it upon himself to try," said Alexander Rodnyansky, a Ukrainian film producer. Abramovich was one of many sanctioned Russian oligarchs and was hit especially hard in the UK, where his soccer club, Chelsea, was banned from selling tickets due to the economic sanctions imposed upon him. Abramovich has since denied being associated closely with Putin.

On March 3rd, Abramovich and 2 other delegates came back to their apartment to find themselves in severe pain and agony, specifically behind the eyes, and on the skin. They reportedly had skin peeling off their face and hands. After discussion and analysis, the investigative website Bellingcat has concluded that the symptoms were caused by a nerve agent poison. They had consulted chemical weapons experts which said that the symptoms line up which those are caused by mild poisons and believed it was intentional. As far as who did it, no one knows. There is no evidence pointing at any side, however, most eyes are set upon Russia as far as the blame game goes. The US has contributed to the conversation by commenting that it was most likely due to “environmental” factors, and not those caused by an intentional chemical weapon. Many experts disagree with this saying that it was not “environmental” and was most likely on purpose. Abramovich and his colleagues have since recovered from the possible poisoning and have returned to their duties.

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