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Worries Rise As Trial For George Floyd's Murderer Comes Into Motion

As of March 17, 2021, the last two jurors for Derek Chauvin, George Floyd's killer, were selected. Many have begun to worry about what possible verdict may arise from this trial and what standard it may set for further cases. It's no wonder that they have those worries, as time and time again police have engaged in murderous conduct with little to no repercussions. Even with the Black Lives Matter protests, these verdicts have barely changed, and people hope that with Derek Chauvin's trial, a new positive standard can be set.

As the trial is soon going to take place in the Minneapolis courthouse, barbed wires have been set up outside of the area in preparation for any possible backlash to the court verdict. There is no doubt that the defense team for Derek Chauvin is trying all they can in an effort to save him, one example being their dismissal of two jurors for knowledge on the $27 million settlement between George Floyd's family and the city.

So much is riding on this trial, and aspects of our future may be determined by it. While it may seem obvious to us what happened, the court may have a different, more prejudiced view on the matter. Of course, it's a miracle that this trial is even happening, as many other police officers have been exempt from charges for their heinous deeds with Breonna Taylor being a saddening example. At this moment, all we can hope for is the best and that the court sides with America's views on justice. There is no doubt that if the verdict favors Derek Chauvin, there will be a new spark that lights up protests to new heights.

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