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Conoce a Zulma Rivera

Why did you choose to work at Colegio San Ignacio?

I wanted to work in one of the top schools in Puerto Rico, if not the best, to continue growing as a professional and contribute to the development of the language arts of the Ignaciano students.

What motivates you to be a teacher?

Teaching is one of my passions in which I can use my diverse talents every day. Additionally, I believe that education is one of the pillars of society.

What do you want your students to be able to do when they finish your class?

I want my students to have shown growth in the four language skills, be confident in public speaking, and improve their writing. These are skills that will help them in different areas of their life. I also would love for my students to find pleasure in reading.

In your opinion, what makes your class different?

I want my students always to remember that they are training since 7th grade and 8th grade for the professionals they will be in the future. We learn skills necessary for academic and professional life, such as discipline, structure, and competence.

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